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花云 - 澳門花店

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ka ho cheung wrote us on 14 August 2013:

服務好好!要求所有都做足!價錢又ok!(一句到尾…………Thx a lot !!!!!)

Lai Peng Lee wrote us on 13 May 2009:

Very good service!

Kay Liu wrote us on 13 May 2010:

好好哦!回覆及過程十分十分快捷!!服務又好!! 花也很BEAUTIFUL!!!! 推介哦!!

KENNETH CHAN wrote us on 22 June 2011:

啲花好新鮮, 包裝好靚, 服務好滿意, 最重要係我太太好鍾意, 謝謝!

Marco Lee wrote us on 16 February 2009:

excellent service. Thanks!

Rongchen Wang wrote us on 01 October 2015:

非常好的服務! 我很喜歡

Clara Cheong wrote us on 28 July 2016:

Thanks for your services.....

Ho Pui Sang wrote us on 12 November 2009:

Thank you very much!!

Bowen Sze wrote us on 14 February 2009:

very good servise, reply your question so fast, on time, very good......sure will come again~~

Howard Fuller wrote us on 06 October 2008:

I was very happy with your service and the quality of the flowers. If you had an English web site your business will increase. I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.