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花云 - 澳門花店

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ricardo leong wrote us on 26 May 2011:

good service

LONG KAM NG wrote us on 17 October 2012:

Everything is good, thank you!!!

Evelyn Yeung wrote us on 01 August 2015:

My mom loved the flowers! Looked great from the photos. Will definitely consider ordering again :)

Wing On Wong wrote us on 05 June 2013:

快,靚,正,平。已經第二次光顧,服務一次比一次好。Accuracy, speedy, cheap but high quality, will definately buy from them again.

Ivan Tong wrote us on 17 September 2008:

Thank you. I am impressed by your prompt service & responsive customer service.

宏彬 劉 wrote us on 16 February 2009:

非常好 交期好 回覆顧客問題很快

Irving sze wrote us on 16 March 2014:

非常多謝,Excellent & efficient Service!

Chau Leo wrote us on 22 September 2016:

Very efficient customer service, thanks a lot.

舰连 张 wrote us on 26 October 2016:

Excellent service and very convenient to place order in it... trusted seller... highly recommended

Colin Tsang wrote us on 04 January 2010:

very good service!!thank you!