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花云 - 澳門花店

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ricardo leong wrote us on 26 May 2011:

good service

劉子豪 wrote us on 21 October 2008:

準時,同埋d花都好靚, Thank you!

cecilia lao wrote us on 26 May 2011:


Angus Wan wrote us on 26 February 2018:

It’s wonderful experience , thank you very much. The 99 roses set is amazing .

汝碩 黎 wrote us on 19 August 2015:


Ricky yeung wrote us on 09 November 2014:


Kelly Chu wrote us on 27 May 2011:

Excellent service! I ordered some flowers for my mum for Mother\'s Day just the night before, and it still arrived on time that morning! Impressive! Payments were really easily done through Paypal as well.

Marcus Ryan wrote us on 10 July 2008:

Would just like to say a big thank you for delivering the flowers. she said they were beautiful.

Chun Man Lam wrote us on 26 February 2018:

相當好 非常滿意

Raymond Wong wrote us on 22 August 2009: