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花云 - 澳門花店

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Iun Kei Lau wrote us on 15 May 2012:


Nicholas Tai wrote us on 29 July 2009:

A very detail and caring service since there is a typhoon on 16 July. They will confirm client before sending the flowers. Full score service!

LONG KAM NG wrote us on 17 October 2012:

Everything is good, thank you!!!

Marco Lee wrote us on 16 February 2009:

excellent service. Thanks!

CHAN WAI MOK wrote us on 26 April 2011:

Very good....!

Fu Pong Mak wrote us on 28 July 2011:

不知道所送的太陽花 周康穎 是不是喜歡的 我知道過去的過失是不值得原諒 但是希望她可以給我補救的機會 我永遠等妳 在這要多謝 花云 幫忙送花的工作 十分感動...謝謝你

舰连 张 wrote us on 26 October 2016:

Excellent service and very convenient to place order in it... trusted seller... highly recommended

Sylvia Chao wrote us on 14 May 2009:

I am very happy for the services and the quality of the flowers is excellent. Thank you.

Ricky yeung wrote us on 09 November 2014:


belle lei wrote us on 04 June 2015: