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花云 - 澳門花店

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汝碩 黎 wrote us on 19 August 2015:


Brian Lam wrote us on 23 November 2009:

Thanks you to, excellent & efficient Service!

HOI IAN LOK wrote us on 01 August 2014:

Really Nice service. Thank you.

袁 翠蘭 wrote us on 06 December 2017:

We love it, thanks.

Chun Man Lam wrote us on 26 February 2018:

相當好 非常滿意

Marcus Cheng wrote us on 23 May 2011:

上次我到澳門...第一次訂花... 謝謝花云的服務... 真的很好... 為我們設想得很周到... thanks!

belle lei wrote us on 04 June 2015:


Tony Leong wrote us on 04 October 2011:

Nothing to say,but I definitively will use your service again :-) in the future!

Nicole Lei wrote us on 20 May 2009:

I was glad that the bunch of flower was sent to my mom on time and surprised her. Thank you!

宏彬 劉 wrote us on 16 February 2009:

非常好 交期好 回覆顧客問題很快