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花云 - 澳門花店

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ka ho cheung wrote us on 14 August 2013:

服務好好!要求所有都做足!價錢又ok!(一句到尾…………Thx a lot !!!!!)

Iun Kei Lau wrote us on 15 May 2012:


belle lei wrote us on 04 June 2015:


Jess Kuang wrote us on 30 January 2012:

Very good service! It was totally a surprise for her, worthed every penny. Thanks again!!

(Charmmy) Ka Ian Lio wrote us on 17 May 2012:

This is one of the best flower delivery service I have ever used. Flowers are very fresh and the arrangement was impressive! It would be even better if you could create a loyalty point-system to keep up good relationship with customers. Thanks and good luck =)

Ricky yeung wrote us on 09 November 2014:


Wing Fai Yu wrote us on 11 October 2014:

Well done!! Excellent & efficient Service!! Thank you very much!

LONG KAM NG wrote us on 17 October 2012:

Everything is good, thank you!!!

HOI IAN LOK wrote us on 01 August 2014:

Really Nice service. Thank you.

小雲 唐 wrote us on 25 February 2015:

excellent service and attention to details, would def recommend to frds. Thank you!