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花云 - 澳門花店

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Marco Lee wrote us on 16 February 2009:

excellent service. Thanks!

汝碩 黎 wrote us on 19 August 2015:


Ricky yeung wrote us on 09 November 2014:


Oscar wong wrote us on 06 November 2014:

Nice 很準時 花亦很漂亮

Keith Wong wrote us on 02 July 2015:

The packaging was nice. Delivery of the flowers was on time. Nice follow-up actions for order from Hong Kong. Thanks.

HOI IAN LOK wrote us on 01 August 2014:

Really Nice service. Thank you.

小雲 唐 wrote us on 25 February 2015:

excellent service and attention to details, would def recommend to frds. Thank you!

Radd Zainal wrote us on 24 June 2008:

Thank you very much. I have placed orders from your website before and have always been pleased with the service.

Eddie WONG wrote us on 17 May 2010:


Howard Fuller wrote us on 06 October 2008:

I was very happy with your service and the quality of the flowers. If you had an English web site your business will increase. I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.